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Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle with Peak Performance

Get ready to transform your life with Peak Performance! Our team of expert trainers in our newly built Tanglewood training facility are here to guide you on your journey towards a healthier, happier, and more energetic you. Fitness shouldn’t just be a goal for the day but a way of life. And we help you find a more comfortable way to prioritize your health and well-being. Whether you want to tone up your body, train for a specific sport, or feel more vibrant each day, our customized training programs are designed to meet your unique needs. Our programs include:

  • One-on-One Personal Training Programs
  • TPI Training Programs for Golders
  • Athletic Training Programs for Kids
  • Group Training and Bootcamps

Forget the one-size-fits-all approach; it’s time for fitness solutions that truly fits you. If you’re ready to kickstart your journey towards a healthier lifestyle, trust Peak Performance to lead the way.

Personal Training in Uptown Houston and Tanglewood

Enjoy the ultimate fitness transformation with our one-on-one personal training programs in Uptown Houston and Tanglewood. Led by the principles that define our founder, Rashidi Idi, our certified trainers will work with you on a schedule that suits your lifestyle, providing personalized training plans designed for your body and goals. Whether you prefer working out in our state-of-the-art facility in the heart of Uptown or from the comfort of your home, we’ve got you covered. Our virtual training programs ensure that distance doesn’t stand in the way of your fitness journey.

We look to simplify personal training, putting you in control of your body like never before. It’s time to embrace a fitter, healthier you.

TPI Training

Our Titleist Performance Institute programs help golfers connect the mind and swing like never before. Created by experts in the field, these programs are designed to elevate your game to new heights. No matter your skill level, our certified TPI trainers will work alongside you, providing custom strategies that enhance your swing, increase your power, and improve your overall performance on the green. We'll target your specific needs through careful analysis and personalized training plans, helping you master the art of golf like never before. Connect with us today to learn more!

Sport-Specific Athletic Training

Our certified trainers are passionate about nurturing the next generation of athletes, offering athletic training programs in conveniently located in our state of the art Tanglewood/Briargrove facility that are as fun as they are effective. Every session is an adventure designed to boost their agility, strength, and endurance while promoting a lifelong love for fitness. We believe in fostering a positive and supportive environment where every young athlete feels valued and encouraged. Whether your child dreams of becoming a professional athlete or is playing sports all year round, our athletic training programs will equip them with the skills and confidence to excel mentally and physically and build a lifestyle built on fitness success.

Nurturing Your Body and Mind

Fitness is a journey that connects the body AND mind, and we believe in nurturing both of these aspects. Our approach is rooted in discipline, nutrition, and physical therapy, providing a well-rounded path to health and well-being. Our trainers instill discipline through structured routines, teaching you the power of consistency and commitment. Our specialists guide you towards mindful eating, helping you understand how food fuels your body. Our physical therapists work to ensure your body functions at its best, rehabilitating injuries and enhancing mobility. In this supportive and inviting environment in Houston, we empower you to take charge of your health, transforming your life one step at a time.● Improved posture ● Improved flexibility ● Improved strength ● Improved balance ● Improved power ● Improved golf performance

Class Information
One-on-One and Group Training

Prefer the undivided attention of a private session? Or do you work best with the energy of a group workout? No matter what you love, Peak Performance is the perfect fit for your fitness journey. Our one-on-one training offers a unique approach, with each session designed to your individual needs and goals. You'll work closely with dedicated trainers who'll guide, motivate, and challenge you at every step. On the other hand, our scheduled group training times foster a sense of community, allowing you to sweat it out alongside like-minded fitness enthusiasts or your friends and family. It's an environment that allows you to accomplish your goals, build relationships, share achievements, and celebrate progress together. ● Improved posture ● Improved flexibility ● Improved strength ● Improved balance ● Improved power ● Improved golf performance

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Your journey towards peak performance starts here in our Tanglewood facility. Our certified trainers are your personal mentors and guides on this transformational journey. With their expertise, passion, and unwavering support, you’ll be empowered to push past your limits and reach new fitness heights. At Peak Performance, we are a community committed to helping each other grow stronger, healthier, and happier. We invite you to join us and discover the incredible potential that lies within you. Book an appointment for one of our programs and get started today!