A message from our founder
Rashidi Idi

Hi, I'm Rashidi Idi, the founder of Peak Performance. I started this gym to fill a void in our community — the need for a fitness center that doesn't just offer state-of-the-art equipment but provides fitness programs and wellness services designed with YOUR needs in mind. Every aspect of Peak Performance is crafted to deliver effective solutions for any and every individual, focusing on your goals, whether they're to build muscle, lose weight, or increase endurance. I hope to see you soon in our amazing facility in Houston.

At Peak Performance, we’ve cultivated a private, appointment-only space that exhibits our commitment to health and fitness and ensures that it’s at the forefront of what we do. We’ll be here to help you meet your specific goals, be it building muscle, losing weight, or increasing endurance, or improving mobility and balance. Our trainers are approachable and committed, and we look to build a family of members who are comfortable helping each other however they can. Our drive to fill the fitness gap in the Uptown/Tanglewood area isn’t just about providing a location to work out. It’s about creating a community of health-conscious individuals, a place where everyone feels welcomed, motivated, and supported in their fitness journeys.

Ready to get started? Learn about health and fitness in the Peak Performance way. We promise you won’t regret it. Make an appointment today.

Rashidi Idi
Founder, Peak Performance

Peak Performance Is All About YOU

Welcome to Peak Performance, the premier fitness destination in the Uptown/Tanglewood area. Our mission is simple — to transform the way you approach health and fitness.

Our focus is on you — the dedicated golfer aiming to improve your swing, the young athlete looking to gain strength for the upcoming season, and the health-conscious individual seeking a fitter, healthier lifestyle as they journey through life’s middle years. We focus on understanding everyone’s unique needs and aspirations, and help to craft a unique fitness program that meets those goals. Being ‘all about you’ means we’re committed to helping Uptown/Tanglewood residents reach their peak, one workout at a time. We’re here to guide, support, and inspire you every step of the way. Take one step into our facility, and you’ll see for yourself!

Personal Trainers That Prioritize Personal Care

Being a personal trainer is more than just a regular job. You're responsible for helping people meet their goals, cherishing their progress, and helping change lives. We made it a priority to find personal trainers who believe in our mission and look to provide personalized fitness solutions for every client. We take the time to understand your needs by crafting workout plans that evolve as you progress and factor in your body and the principles of fitness that have carried so many others. But it doesn't stop there…our outstanding team of trainers are also here to motivate you, cheer you on, and ensure you perform each exercise the RIGHT way. You'll feel welcomed at Peak Performance.

Peak Performance Brings More Than Just Personal Training

We’re proud to be a full-service fitness facility. In addition to personal training, we offer nutrition counseling, physical therapy services, TPI training for golfers, and so much more. Our nutrition counseling isn’t about strict diets or quick fixes. It’s about understanding your body’s needs and learning how to fuel it properly. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to craft a nutritious plan that complements your fitness goals, lifestyle, and dietary preferences. You’ll be guided on how to make choices that enhance your physical performance and improve your overall health.

Physical therapy, on the other hand, is our secret weapon for injury prevention and recovery. Our licensed physical therapy partners are experts at helping those young and old to regain strength, flexibility, and balance after an injury. They’re also here to help you stay injury-free. By analyzing your movements and identifying any potential weaknesses, they can provide targeted exercises and techniques to optimize golf swings or keep you healthy for another season playing your favorite sport.