Bootcamps at Our Houston/Tanglewood Personal Training Facility

Peak Performance is the ultimate destination for transformational fitness bootcamps in the Uptown Houston/Tanglewood area! Our facilities are designed to inspire, challenge, and empower you. We believe in the power of group dynamics, and that’s why our bootcamps are about personal training AND creating a community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts.

Our scheduled group-specific bootcamps provide the perfect environment to push your limits, achieve your goals, and have fun while doing it. We offer flexible session times, inclduing:

  • Before your workday begins (for those early risers)
  • During lunch breaks
  • Saturday mornings (for those with busy schedules during the week)

Join our bootcamps and experience the Peak Performance difference today!

Prefer a Larger Setting for Your Workouts? NO PROBLEM!

We’re breaking the mold of traditional training by offering personal training, TPI training, and athletic programs for kids and adults in a larger group setting. Our unique approach combines individual attention with the motivational energy of a group dynamic. It’s perfect for those sculpting their bodies, honing golf skills with TPI training, or nurturing a child’s athletic potential. We offer group sessions with an energetic and supportive environment to help you reach your goals! Uncover the power of community-based training, and let’s achieve greatness together.

Work Out with Family, Friends, or Your Favorite Gym Buddies

Want to work out with your friends and loved ones? Now you can! Whether you want to bond with your family, motivate your friends, or challenge your favorite gym buddies, our flexible bootcamps cater to everyone. For some, fitness is more fun when shared, and we've created a space where you can sweat, laugh, and achieve together. From high-intensity drills to team-building exercises, our sessions are designed to keep you engaged and connected. So, bring along your loved ones and turn your fitness journey into a collective adventure at Peak Performance!

How Group Training Can Lead to Exciting Results!

The benefits of group training aren’t just a myth. Our bootcamps for Uptown Houston/Tanglewood residents are founded on principles of community, so it only makes sense to incorporate a community-based way of personal training into your lives. Group training provides countless benefits for adults, kids, and more. They include:


  • Social Interaction: Group training offers the opportunity to connect with others and build a supportive community.
  • Motivation: Seeing others working hard can provide a boost of motivation to push yourself further.
  • Accountability: Regularly scheduled sessions with others create a sense of accountability to stick with your fitness routine.
  • Variety: Group settings offer diverse workout routines, preventing boredom from doing the same exercises.


  • Skill Development: Group training allows young athletes to learn and develop new skills from their peers.
  • Teamwork: Training in a group can teach kids the importance of collaboration and teamwork.
  • Confidence: Achieving goals within a group setting can boost a child’s self-esteem and confidence.
  • Healthy Competition: Group settings foster a healthy competitive environment that can improve performance.
  • Fun: Training with peers can make the workout more enjoyable for kids, promoting a lifelong love for fitness.

Schedule Your Group-Specific Times Today!

Ready to experience the power of group training? We invite you to join us at Peak Performance and discover a unique, energizing approach to fitness with our bootcamps. Our sessions are crafted to challenge, motivate, and inspire, all within a vibrant community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts. We offer sessions before each workday, during lunch breaks, and on Saturday mornings to help end your week off strong! Schedule your group session today and embark on an unforgettable fitness journey with the people you enjoy the most!